Analysis Of The American Dream Is Leaving America

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Response Paper : "The American Dream Is Leaving America" Nicholas Kristof, writer of "The American Dream Is Leaving America" asserts his belief that our once great nation which produced some of the greatest scholars, and some of the most revolutionary ideas and documents has begun a slow decline into mediocrity where our educations are concerned. According to Kristof, this downward spiral is a result of the growing gap between social classes. Upper class citizens are able to afford better schooling for their children. While lower class citizens have a harder time baring such expenses. Therefore their children are usually unable to gain higher education. Our nations mission for equal opportunity is gone. The real victims of our social inadequacy…show more content…
I have students, based on their home environment, who walk through my door everyday knowing that without an education they would have nothing. It breaks my heart but knowing that I have made a difference in their life is a reward in itself." Students need teachers like Tamara, and many others, to keep this dream alive. On the other hand, successful contractor, Joe Mitchell, argues, "No, I do not think an education is necessary. I never went to college and I turned out just fine. I now own my own business where I am my own boss which allows me time to do the things I love." Joe is a good example of someone who didn 't need a college education to earn a career, but sadly enough, that isn 't the case for…show more content…
We are told our entire lives that we must go to college to get an education so we can grow up and be able to afford everything we need in life. Only the rich, or those lucky enough to earn a scholarship, go on to college in hope of fulfilling that dream. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left behind to make work with what we have. Kristof writes, "The basic element of the American dream is equal access to education as the lubricant of social and economic mobility." So, the answer here is, yes, the American dream is

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