Analysis Of The Alienation Of Gregor Samsa

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The Alienation of Gregor Samsa Metamorphosis is often described as a change of the form or nature of a thing or a person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means. Gregor Samsa led an ordinary and rather mundane life as a traveling salesman who spent the majority of his time on the road with little time to form friendships or relationship with anyone outside of his small family. Once filled with gratitude by providing for his family, he is soon filled with resentment and obligation as his family adjusts to their newfound income. All of which comes to a halt when Gregor wakes up late to work and is horrified by the sight of his new appearance with countless sets of legs and a hard-shell-like exterior. His family soon…show more content…
Isolation in any sense whether it be physical or mental, is taxing on an individual’s well-being. Prior to the metamorphosis Gregor led a physically isolating life with little time for anything other than superficial relationships. Hinted at the beginning of the piece he longed to break free from his traveling salesman's job and shrug off the financial burden placed on his back. The metamorphosis was equally as mentally imprisoning as to what it was physically. Gregor was unable to express his emotions or even communicate his needs to his family this ultimately led to the family’s gradual shift of resentment towards him solely because they were unable to see how much of their once family member…show more content…
Prior to his metamorphosis Gregor was physically alienated from any semblance of a social life due to his job and financial obligation to his family afterward the transformation and he was deemed a burden to his family that he had provided for countless months he was psychologically isolated from them as well. Notably while he had finally been emancipated from his dreaded job as a salesman, instead of being filled with happiness he realized he has become a parasitic to his family and without being labeled as a provider they slowly began to turn against him only worsening his mental state and exile. The family dynamic of the Samsa’s only revolves around who can bring home the largest paycheck while allowing the rest of the family to reap the benefits. Prior to the metamorphosis Gregor’s family was parasitic and cared little for his quality of life as long as he was supporting the family. Once Gregor was incapacitated Mr. and Mrs. Samsa turned their attention towards Grete to take their son’s
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