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Age of Consent by the Bronski Beats is a remarkable album that promoted a great message in the early 80s. The group members were Steve Bronski, Larry Steinbeck, and Jimmy Somerville. They met in 1983 and started doing live shows. In the following year, the group got signed by the London Recording. They released the Age of Consent on October 15, 1984 which attracted the public’s attraction. The Age of Consent is a phenomenal album that brought attention to the Gay rights issue in United Kingdom in the early 1980s. Homosexuality wasn’t accepted in the early 80s in the United Kingdom however internationally many countries had open mind about it. For instance, several European countries had their age of consent to 16 but only is United Kingdom…show more content…
Some people were against the song and some were idealizing it. This encouraged the group to make a follow up song which was “Why”. This song was recorded in RPM studio and mixed in Townhouse Studio in London. This song underlines the dark and anti-gay prejudices but much energetic. The video of the song had some of the same characters from the previous video of “Smalltown boys”. However, this video starts off with Steinbeck and Bronski in the supermarket purchasing idem but since they were openly gay, the clerk phones the management to see if they are allowed to pay for the items. Somerville, who was working behind the counter intervenes at the clerks. All three of them are arrested and brought before puppet judges. They are sent to the work house where Somerville confronts god for what has occurred to them. Not many people know but this song was dedicated to the Drew Griffiths who was a victim of homophobic murder in 1984. This song was another great hit by the Bronski…show more content…
The song “It ain’t Necessarily so” was UK’s Top 10 list. The song featured Arno Hecht and gay male choir from London. This song was very different from other songs but it became very popular. There has been several biblical reference that homosexuality is forbidden in the bible. The Trio used this song to convey to the religious audience that as human we commit sin everyday but loving another human being is never a sin. Even though, this song received harsh remarks but it was very popular. This video of the song takes place in a youth detention center where Steinbeck and Somerville are inmates. They have participated in a religious game and the warden, Bronski keeps a closer eye on one of the inmate. Even though this song raised religious debate, the fans of the Bronski beat stayed true to

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