Analysis Of The Adoration Of Jenna Fox

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If your body was ninety percent artificial, would you still count yourself as human? The character Jenna Fox from the book The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson might have the answer. Jenna is a seventeen year old girl recovering from a traumatic accident, whose body has been replaced almost completely with prosthetics. In Jenna’s world, a limit is put on the amount of prosthetics one can receive, and Jenna has far surpassed it. Following her accident, her parents decided that the only way to save Jenna was to use an illegal amount of prosthetics on her. Their choice did not come without consequences however, as it heavily affected them and others around them, especially Jenna. The most important choice in the book was made by Jenna’s parents when they decided to save her by using an illegal amount of BioGel, turning her into what Jenna calls an“...illegal lab creation,” (Pearson 190). They were motivated to do this because they had no other way to save Jenna, this choice affected them by ruining their relationship with Jenna, and it impacted others by making Jenna question her identity. Jenna’s parents decided to save her illegally because they had no other choice. To illustrate, Claire (Jenna's mom) said, “‘Your veins were collapsing...Vital organs were already shutting down. By the time you got to surgery, your heart had stopped twice,’” (Pearson 118). Jenna was in a such a fatal condition that any legal medical procedure had a slim chance of saving her. Her parents were left only with one choice, and that was to save her illegally. Furthermore, when pleading with her daughter, Claire tells Jenna, “‘...There wasn’t time for a lot of decisions. Your father pulled me into a closet, Jenna. A closet! That’s where... ... middle of paper ... ...ho the real Jenna is; the living, breathing one, or the one made of pure consciousness. Jenna is trying to figure out her true self, and is further confused that she has two consciousnesses. In brief, Jenna feels that she has lost her true validity as a human because of her parents’ choice to give her a synthetic body. To summarize , Jenna’s parents made an important decision when they decided to save their daughter by replacing nearly her whole body with prosthetics. They were motivated to do this because it was the only recourse to take after witnessing the fatal condition that Jenna was in. This choice affected them by ruining their relationship with Jenna, and affected others by leading Jenna to question her humanity. In all, their decision played an important role in the story, and Adoration of Jenna Fox would have been a completely different book without it.

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