Analysis Of Teen Pregnancy

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“I hear Brenda 's got a baby / But, Brenda 's barely got a brain / A damn shame / The girl can hardly spell her name” (Brenda’s). This quote is about how a young teenage girl who is having a baby. This song is about a girl whose family does not really love or care about her, so she is basically out on her own in the world and does not know what to do. She ends up having sex with a close family member, her cousin, because he is forcing her. The song, “Brenda 's got a baby”, performed by 2pac addresses the issue of teen pregnancy, when analyzed using a cultural lens. Teen pregnancy is a serious problem in the United States. In 2013 273,105 babies were born to women ages fifteen to nineteen. This is a real problem. 89% of pregnancies at this…show more content…
The song deals with teen pregnancies. Issues in today 's environment people decide when they want to help people in need and when they don 't want to. “She tried to hide her pregnancy, from her family. Who didn’t really care to see, or give a damn if she went out and had a church of kids. As long as when the check came they got first dibs.” With those lyrics meaning her family did not care about her having a baby as long as when the checks come for the baby they get a little. Some people think having a baby is just a free check and more money for them. Saying in the song that brenda was twelve and having a baby she had to drop out of school to basically take care of her baby. She didn 't know much could hardly spell her name. The other criticism is feminist looking at how these girls act once they are pregnant. Most of them don 't have the special life and being able to be on a tv show. Most of them have to step foot in adulthood early and most of the time it is hard. In 1990, there were an estimated 1 million pregnancies and 521,626 births to U.S. women aged 15-19 years. Than In 2013 273,105 babies were born to women ages fifteen to nineteen. So teens are starting to learn that having a baby at a young age isn 't always the best

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