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The Taming of the shrew is play penned by William Shakespeare. The setting of the play is set to be in a 16th century Italy mainly in the cities of Padua and Verona. Even though the play has many characters, there are two main character, Petruchio and Katharine. The Play has 5 acts and many scenes in between those acts and also includes a framing device i.e. an induction in the beginning. The ending of the play and objectification and treatment of the female character has drawn the ire and harsh criticism from various critics and commentators. Shakespeare has brought up societal issues like Materialism, Patriarchy, Gender relations and Female submissiveness. The play has been performed and adapted in many version, most relatable one for a common…show more content…
She is a blunt lady who doesn’t fear speaking and her mind and her behavior is considered quite repugnant. She knows her behavior puts at her odd with the family members and possible suitor but she is not bothered by that. But the bad treatment of Petruchio brings up the change in her behavior. Petruchio – The male protagonist and husband of Katharine. Petruchio moves from Verona with his servants after his father’s death. He has moved to Padua with a motive to enjoy his coming life. He takes up the challenge of taming the shrew i.e. Katharina though initially he agrees with her and tries to charm her. He doesn’t value Katharina as her Bride and only sees her a challenge to be conquered. He treats her cruelly and is shown in believing traditional orthodox patriarchal male dominant character. Bianca – She is the sister of Katharina and is complete anti-thesis of her sister. She is the one suitor’s line up for but due to the ridiculous condition put up by Baptista, they cannot. She is shown to be submissive and materialistic qualities of her which are despised by her sister…show more content…
We have seen Bianca saying she has been under the devilish spirit and she also has been called cursed by Granimo and various others which is the reason that her behavior is so rude and so un lady like but ultimately we see her conforming to the behavior expected from her where she obeys whatever Petruchio asks her to do. It can be argued that Petruchio performed an exorcism on her wife which relieved her of the bad spirits. Even though no religious element has been mentioned explicitly but “the play was written during a time of conflict over the legitimacy of exorcism. Because supposed miracles had such a powerful effect upon the minds of the people, the Church of England sought to discredit exorcisms performed by the Catholics and

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