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Tales of Angola: Free Blacks, Red Stick Creeks, and International Intrigue in Spanish Southwest Florida was a powerful essay written by Cantor Brown Jr. This essay displayed the significant increase of the slave resistance in the state of Florida, in the nineteenth century. Throughout Tales of Angola Brown, came off to his readers with a strong argument regarding the many different characteristics being exhibited of slave resistance in the state of Florida. Even though some may not agree but his argument got through to millions. Angola is a country in southwestern Africa. It was thought that Bantu speaking people from West Africa were the first of many people to arrive to this area, but in actuality the original people to arrive were the Khosian speakers, but since the Bantu people were so powerful they began to displace many of the other kingdoms. The significance of importance of the black communities was more than just the Negro Fort and the Fort Mose. (page.5) After awhile there was a link between Bahamian exiles through these communities. (page.6) Brown’s argument was that the Indian Removal Act, the racial collaborations between Red Sticks and African, and the legacies of resistance in the writing of African American history, all helped in the slave resistance in Florida.
The Indian Removal Act was put into effect by President Andrew Jackson in the 1830s. This act was put into place to help Mississippi grant unsettled land west of them. With this act taking place it would have the state of Mississippi exchanging Indian lands within existing state boards. This act was approved only by a slim margin. The president starting removing the Creeks and the Maroons from Florida. (page.15) You would think since an act was signed off...

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...y are a part of history. Now in today’s time we see it as African American history left through writing. (pages.14-16)
To conclude, the nineteenth century represented a significant increase in slave resistance in Florida. It was a powerful movement through this time. As noted early the Indian Removal Act, racial collaborations between the Red Sticks and Africans, and the legacies of writing of the African American history all led up to the increase in the slave resistance. This time was a troublesome time to all that was involved. The events that took place during this time are significant events that would never be forgotten. Without these struggles people wouldn’t have the freedom that they do today. To know what has taken place back in history makes one appreciate life that much more. Without these significant events who knows how life would be in today’s time.

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  • Analyzes cantor brown's essay, tales of angola: free blacks, red stick creeks and international intrigue in spanish southwest florida.
  • Explains that the indian removal act was put into place by president andrew jackson in the 1830s to help mississippi grant unsettled land west of them.
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