Analysis Of Taken 2 And Run All Night

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The main causation of adrenaline is fear; nothing can frighten a person more than having their significant other taken hostage by a politically and socially powerful man who wants nothing more than revenge for his son’s death. He shows that the love for his family is worth more than his life and he’ll do anything he can to protect them. Another trailer that caught my attention was the movie Running All Night. This movie was created using the same actor who have the same motive. As his old friend wants revenge on him for killing his son, and by doing do he tries his best to kill the main characters son, but because of how much he loves his family he tries his best to prevent that from happening at all cost. Both trailers are presented in the…show more content…
His love for them is what becomes his strength, and he uses this power to eliminate anyone who comes near them. In taken 2, Liam Neeson, the main character is shown protecting his wife and guiding his daughter, making sure that nothing bad happens to them. He fights, kills and runs just to make sure that they are safe. Especially, when in the trailer he is surrounded by the antagonist men, he directly calls his daughter just to warn her about his situation and telling her what she should do and how she is going to protect herself from them. The memories in the beginning of the movie indicate also that he did the samething in the first movie, which lead to this event. Also in the trailer, Run All Night, Neeson is protecting his family, especially his son, because of what he did. After he killed his best friend 's son, who becomes the antagonist, he comes after Neeson 's child and will do anything he can to protect him. You can tell in the trailer that the father and son don’t have a very strong relationship, but that doesn’t stop the father from doing what he can to protect him with his life. As he also guides his son, in different directions just so nothing would happen to him. Which shows how Taken 2 and Run All Night have a similar theme, which is family love. The love for there family in both trailers will make them do things that they don’t care
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