Analysis Of TPM Tools Ltd.

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Introduction With the advent of powerful social networking infrastructure, it brings with it, an array of technological applications (Web 2.0) which offer unchartered areas of growth and opportunities for SMEs around the globe. This briefing document aims to highlight those uncapped opportunities keeping a small UK firm TPM Tools Ltd. within its reference frame. The root problem is first identified from the presented case study. Relevance is then established whether Web 2.0 applications behold the potential of addressing issues the company faces internally and externally, while managing sales through appointed agents across far spread geographical locations. Problem Identification TPM Tools Ltd. is a tools export firm which faces both internal and external challenges to sustain its present growth and move towards enhanced business performance utilizing technologies available in a cost constrained environment. Therefore an effective approach towards enhancing business performance of TPM Tools Ltd. must initially focus on identification of core problems being faced by the company, and segregate them as “Internal” or “External” in the following manner:- Internal Issues • Limited permanent staff with a low employee retention rate. • Adhoc staff hiring commensurating to trends in sales volume/orders. External Issues • Sales operations through appointed international agents. • Contradicting feedback received from international agents vis-à-vis independent responses received from customers. The above narrated information and knowledge disconnects (both internal and external) are linked to knowledge management failures at various levels. Agents/distributors have been the preferred choice for small business enterprises where due to ... ... middle of paper ... Lewis, Sage (2012), “Sandvik Coromant Leading In Social Media”, Available: McKinsey Quarterly (2006) Number 3, “Mapping the Value of Employee Collaboration”. Murdock, Sebastian (2014), “US Airways Tweets Out very NSFW Photo…”, The Huffington Post. Available: Oracle (2010), White Paper — “The Business Case for Enterprise Collaboration”. Tapscott, D., (2009) Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World, New York: Mcgraw-Hill. Yeh, Chris (2009). Accelerating the Pace of Innovation with Collaboration. Available:
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