Analysis Of Superhero Worship

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In Superhero Worship by Virginia Postrel published in The Atlantic explores the glamour of comic heroes coming to live, and what that glamour really is. From paper to screen superheroes have caught the wonder of the American people. The most well­known superheroes were introduced in the 1930s through the late 1950s, during the time of warfare and national pride. Superman was welcomed in America in 1937 to keep spirits alive during the breakout of WWII, fighting Nazis or the Japanese Imperial Army. These heroes that were created used propaganda

to evoke pride in every American still used today. Superheroes give an escape from reality that only an average human can only dream of different from the glamour portrayed by Golden Age movie stars;
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The superheroes do not just focus on one particular part of glamour, but the whole meaning of the word. Both sets of actors achieve their purpose of creating glamour; there is no doubt on that fact. Superheroes, however, create believable and relatable but unimaginable hopes and dreams (Postrel, V. (2006). The Golden Age actors created a more realistic attainable life than the life of a superhero. The Golden Age was based on the principle of luxurious possessions and lifestyles of real people, and something everyone could strive for if they worked to achieve it unlike…show more content…
(2006). Most characters created are alien to Earth and have to find a way to fit into society, not to give their true identities away as an outcast. The double life, the secret identity of the civilian is was what most Americans can relate to; it is relatable and attainable compared to the alien superhero (Postrel, V. (2006). The superhero is what people dream to become, the hero is the glamorous part. There is a clear barrier that still separates fact and fiction, and that is the secret double identity. The allusion to reality is set in the secret identity. A superhero is an ordinary guy who lives and works like every typical American man but behind the mask he can fly, lift mountains and destroy things with his eyes saving the day from villains threatening human existence.

Glamour provokes emotion in certain ways no matter where it is focused on the definition or portrayed by characters from the Golden Age or superheroes. Glamour is a persuasive provoker; it is a superhero protogé in the making believing an average human can fly run and flip like the mask saver after seeing a superhero movie (Postrel, V. (2006). The emotion that is created is projection; admiration and excitement I (Postrel, V. (2006). One could believe they
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