Analysis Of Success Story Of Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur is called owner of entrepreneurship. He is a person who manages and organizes any enterprise. It is necessary to consider success story of entrepreneur that what he have done differently from other that led its organization towards success. Few steps are required to follow by entrepreneurs to be successful in the business. This paper is written to analyze success story of entrepreneurs. In this paper, I highlighted reasons of its success. I also described challenges faced by entrepreneur during this journey. Purpose of this report is to give others lessons from that success story. I also learned from positive approach that entrepreneur used for business success.
Reasons for success
Every success has reasons behind it. Success
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For building good reputation of business, all requirements of business should be followed. Business image is a key to success. It is responsibility of every entrepreneur to throw positive image of his business towards other concerned person. Another reason for his success was understanding value of network of peer. Entrepreneur can never be successful without this network. Relationship with business and financial partners, resources and peers should be managed effectively (Hull, 2012) A clear competitive advantage should be developed. Entrepreneur should have done something different in his business as compared to competitors. Do not cheat customers in any way. Always deliver them promised product or service. Customers cannot be compromised in any cost.
No business can be free from challenges. Best approach is to learn from business challenges. I also discussed challenges that entrepreneur faced during his success. First was selection of business. He faced challenges in selection of right business. Another challenge that he faced was have little financed for his business. He solved this problem by taking loan from bank. He used these challenges in positive way for his business success (Brwon, 2012).
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