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In this review I will be discussing the leadership qualities described in “Strengths-Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow” (2009), a book written by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie. In this book the authors use the concept of discovering and using ones strengths in a way that they could relate them back to leadership. It also looks at how a person’s strengths can affect their leadership qualities, how to get the most out of being a leader, and the requirement of knowing those around you enough to appreciate what they need and what makes them tick. The books is based around a 30 year study, in which a million plus work teams were reviewed, over twenty thousand interviews took place with leaders and over ten thousands with …show more content…

This quote from the book tells a lot about how to be an effective leader; it’s quality over quantity. It goes against what the everyday person would expect from a leader, someone who is complete in all aspects of leadership. Rath and Conchie dismiss this idea and feel that a leader must work with what they have to offer and this is to do with their own personality and characteristics.
The pair describe “self-awareness” as a good starting point. They highlight the Strengths Finder assessment as a tool to become aware of ones best assets. This will be a huge help to anyone in the leadership role in all walks of life.
The book uses examples such as the introvert style of Mahatma Gandhi compared to the heavy-handed approach of Winston Churchill, can be equally …show more content…

Also if trust is lost between the two, that it can be re-established.
• Compassion – If followers begin to stray away from the ideals of the organisation a good leader will show compassion towards them. This could result in a more fruitful work space as the followers are less likely to leave.
• Stability – A leader should be able to have a stable environment for their followers to be in. With stability the followers will know what is needed from them and this will relate to progression.
• Hope – Implanting hope will create optimism within the group.
After reading this book I found it is a great way to discover if you are doing all you can to be a brilliant leader. The three pillars that it is based around are; Strengths Investment, Team Maximisation and Understanding the Followers Needs and Why They Follow. The book explains how to reach these goals and in doing so how you will become the leader you have always wanted to be.
In the book there are a number of surveys highlighting the different aspects of leadership. The most important of which describes what traits people look for in the people they will follow; trust, compassion, stability and hope. By adding these to your personality you will go

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the leadership qualities described in "strengths-based leadership: great leaders, teams, and why people follow" by tom rath and barry conchie.
  • Analyzes how rath & conchie's quote from the book tells a lot about how to be an effective leader; it’s quality over quantity.
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