Analysis Of Steve Almond It Is Immoral To Watching The Super Bowl

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In the essay of Steve Almond, “It is Immoral to Watch the Super Bowl,” the author’s argument was very effectively about the causes and the effects on the immorality to watch the Super Bowl. Therefore, Almond expresses fully his point of views very clearly for viewers to understand the reasons football should be outlawed. In fact Almond’s reason for writing this article is to persuade people to show the viewers the under coverage accident that TV doesn’t want fans to see and the negative effect that football has on players while playing, and after they had played it. In order that, Almond provides some basic facts and details about what football does to the human body, so that his argument against football can be understood. Moreover, Almond…show more content…
Likewise, Steve backs up this argument by explaining the physical, emotional, and psychological effect that football player ' experiences to why it 's immoral to watch football. To make his point even more clearly, Steve provided some example of the effects that football has on players: injuries from the body blows, twisted ankles, concussions, blood poisoning, memory loss, and death. Besides, Steve’s not only show the effects of football, but he’s also shown how cruel football can become on television with repeated showing moments of a player twisted ankle in slow-motion and a close up quarterback 's painful face when been…show more content…
He wrote the article to persuade readers about the immortality of football. Almond also provided a lot of evidence and proof to get his readers to agree with his argument. However, he did not only try to convince his reader base on what he believes, but he provided evidence for medical research that has proven that football has both physical and psychological effects on players and the human body. He also discussed all sides on of the issue by stating that he was once a football lover and he is still not against the game itself, but he is against the negative effect it has on the players. Moreover he provided some facts on what football does to the human body. I think that I was personally convinced by the author’s argument a few reasons: one, the author was once a football fan and he is still not against the game. What he is against is the effect it has on the players. Two, the author provided personal and medical evidences on the negative impact of the football. And three, he stated that football players now used helmet which they claim that it will reduce the high speed collision, but if you really think about it, the helmet does not really help much. This should be clear to everyone that watches or play football that it definitely has some negative effects on people. Whether you are player or fan, you should think twice before playing or watching the
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