Analysis Of Stephen Walker 's ' The Sun Heart '

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In 2008, a documentary was made and it was called Young@Heart. Stephen Walker directed it. It is about a group of elderly people from New England who sing songs based on classic rock and pop. One man named Bob Cilman leads the group and assigns them songs to sing for the shows they will perform in. The group even travels around the world to perform in different countries. This is a form of recreation for the elderly, which means that they are doing an activity for entertainment and they enjoy doing it. The main reason why this group is called Young@Heart is because their main goal is that usually, elderly people know that they are closer to death and they cannot do many things as they would have liked to do such as, running or sports. They then realize that there is no point in living because they have so many disadvantages that it makes them unhappy and are waiting for their death. However, Young@Heart want to help the elderly people to realize that they can still do activities and to have fun at the end of their lives and that makes them young at heart because they are still doing activities. The elderly have so much free time (leisure) since they cannot do many activities that they used to do because of their age and organizations such as, Young@Heart, help the elderly to be able to do some activities suitable for their age such as, singing. Young@heart works on stress to the elderly by doing these activities to stop the stress they have because of the disadvantages they have such as, health problems. Psychologically, they become happier, they feel improved and they feel as if they are a part of the community by being a part of the organization. Therefore, by following these activities, it also creates a relaxation response. ... ... middle of paper ... ...e a huge impact on the lives of the elderly because there were so many challenges and the hard times they faced to get to where they are now. However, they also enjoyed the journey that they all went to as a group and they had a lot of fun during the process. This also made an impact to the community of Massachusetts and family and friends of each senior citizen by being able to do these activities no matter how sick or old they are and all the disadvantages they have. The elderly managed to find a recreational activity that they find joy in and it makes them all feel young at heart. George, S., Beckerman, H., & Villers, J. (2008). Young@Heart, US: 20th Century Fox. Hood, C., & Carruthers, C. (2010). Leisure and well-being: Building the best possible life. In Dimensions of Leisure for Life: Individuals and Society (pp. 89-112). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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