Analysis Of Starbucks And Mcdonald's Code Of Business Ethics

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Who knew that we would be using Starbucks and McDonald’s in the same sentence. When you first think about it, it does not make sense to compare Starbucks and McDonald’s; nevertheless, the two chains have become each other’s biggest competitor and have a great deal in common. Primarily, they conveniently provide consumers with coffee products and food that they crave. However, each company has a unique code of ethics. In this paper, I will be analyzing Starbucks and McDonald’s code of business ethics. Furthermore, I will be discussing three aspects that I like and dislike about each companies statements. In conclusion, I will be explaining why having a code of business ethics is not sufficient for ensuring ethical behavior in an organization,…show more content…
The first aspect that I like about Starbuck’s standard of business conduct is that the company provides an ethical decision framework model for employees to follow. Secondly, it contains a frequently asked question section as a quick reference tool. Furthermore, I like how the company included its mission. One aspect that I do not like is employees are only required to read the standard of business conduct, but the company does not mention how often this occurs or whether or not employees have to report to their managers that they have read and understood the code of conduct. Additionally, “in most circumstances, modest and infrequent business meals may be accepted by suppliers”; this could be considered a form of bribe and should not be acceptable. Lastly, I do not like how the company still has areas that do not have access to a local helpline…show more content…
Additionally, it acts as a guide to shaping an environment where employees are able to make right decisions on their own, or through the use of code of conduct. I prefer McDonald’s Corporation’s standard of business conduct over Starbucks. One of the aspects that I like about it is that it is clear and descriptive about ethical behavior that is required when conducting business. Secondly, I like that McDonald’s requires their employees to read and review that they have read and will follow the company’s standards of business conduct. Furthermore, it clearly addresses and gives examples of situations employees may face while providing solutions and consequences for the decisions that they make. One aspect that I did not like about McDonald’s code of ethics is “the company’s standard of business conduct does not apply to do not apply to our owner /operators, suppliers, non-controlled affiliates, or any of their directors or employees” (). Secondly, Secondly, it does not include the company’s mission. Lastly, the company does not know if how knowledgeable or suppliers and non-controlled affiliates are about the company’s code of ethics because they do not follow up with them, or if they are in acting in an ethical manner by obeying regulations and laws.

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