Analysis Of Star Parker's Se Habla Entitlement

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In the article “Se Habla Entitlement”, Star Parker responds to the sensitive essay written by Roberto Rodriguez on the subject of illegal immigration in Mexico. Parker is a well-educated woman with republican political ties and libertarian values. “Star Parker’s argument that illegal immigration is convincing through her use of these rhetorical strategies such as logos, ethos, and pathos balances her article. By carefully examining the text and context in this article it will establish a better understanding on Parker’s argument. In April of 2006 the reformation of immigration laws was a major topic. Wondering why immigrants should be able to come to the United States without rights and still be able to work here and eventually becomes a U.S. citizen. In the article “The Border on our Backs” written by Roberto Rodriguez, an illegal immigrant supporter wrote about the failure of the bill. In response to Rodriquez’s article Parker wrote an article titled “Se Habla Entitlement.” Parkers article first appeared in Town Hall magazine. Her perspective as an African American woman who wor...

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