Analysis Of Stance

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Everyone likes socks; I being a sock lover my brand is Stance. Stance does not just make socks; they also produce underwear as well. Stance was founded by Jeff Kearl and many others in 2009. Stance has used social media to promote their brand; they use sites such as, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; they are very active on all three. Their posts include pictures of the socks they are promoting, videos about their product, and retweets and shares of customers who promote their product. A competing brand on Stance is a company called Arthur George, founded by Robert Kardashian back in 2012. On both Twitter and Instagram Stance has tons more followers then Arthur George, showing that many more people know about Stance than the competitor Arthur George. The brand Stance does a great job with its social…show more content…
The brand Stance does a wonderful job with this concept, by what they put on both Instagram and Twitter. On Twitter, the brand will tweet to their followers to stay tuned for their new products that will be coming out in the future, they will give their followers just a little information that will keep them interested; they don’t give too much away, but give just enough for curiosity. For example, Stance, has been working on college football team socks, they have only released so many. Naturally, customers tweet and ask if their college will be next, Stance will reply with a very simple answer to keep them wondering and to keep an eye out. On Instagram, the brand will post a picture of different socks they have released, they take suggestions and will sometimes come out with the sock a follower has asked for. Stance knows how to engage their audience and to keep them interested, they know how to keep their customers
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