Analysis Of Speech To The Young By Gwendolyn Brooks

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Out of all these great poets I felt more connection with Mrs. Gwedolyn Brooks. Mrs. Brooks had overcome lots of obstacles in her time being growing up in the rough side of Chicago. She was the first African America poet to win the Pulitzer Prize. The poem’s she has says something to me because they speak of family and that’s something I huge on. Throughout her poems she talks about her mother, sisters that took different paths in life and loving older couples. Her writing style was for the common audience of all races and ages because that she quickly won and never lost. She also uses these powerful unforgettable black portraits to help you get a better understanding and visual. There not one poem that doesn’t speak to me in any ways from…show more content…
Able of capturing the experiences and pattern of black street life, she usually presents clear surfaces that give way suddenly to show doubtful deepness. Equally capable of manipulating traditional poetic forms such as the sonnet, rhyme royal, and heroic couplet, she bring to bear them to mirror the distrust of characters or personas who embrace current attitudes to defend themselves against internal and external chaos. Whatever form she chooses, Brooks consistently focuses on the struggle of people to find and express love, usually associated with the family, in the center of adverse surrounding. “Speech to the Young” this one spoke to me during this time in college because it your stress out and doubtful about the decision you have made or going to make no matter what it might be this poem was broken down to me saying everything is going to be ok, don’t rush it take your time it gets better before it gets worse. “Live not for the battles won” meaning to me Never give up fight through the end and you’ll have a better outcome then if you were not to finish out strong. “Live from the along” was another great line I took that as saying look forward never look back or live in the…show more content…
Brooks sent in her is that in a household where you are supposed to live up to these expectations, well your parents or grandparents were to be upheld by these two sisters. One dared to claim and live the life that was rightfully hers and disapprove what her family think is right for her, she was truly enjoying life. While her sister lived and went about her life more accordingly to what her parents want her to live and what to become in school but in the end was left in depression and what I would assume to be misery. While one sister lived happily by living her life how she wants to in her own way with self-standards and while the other took the good route finished school got a good education but ended up all alone just by living her life how others want you to live it. It struck me hard I feel as if I’m living the life now of the two sister and I’m the one in school and at a school I do want to be and also is far away from home just because I don’t want to let my parents down. Pretending to be happy on the phone when they call saying it’s not bad here and I love it , to put a smile on their face. But deep down this isn’t the place I want to be I want a better scenery move city like something I can function to. While my brothers and sister are back at home living a regular life but are happy with where there at makes me think that either I can get closer to home feel more uplifted spiritually by being 2 or 3 hours away from
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