Analysis Of Southwest Airlines

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Introduction “Your employees come first and if you treat your employee’s right, guess what? Your customers come back, and that makes your shareholders happy. Start with employees and the rest follows from that.” This quote from Herb Kelleher, co-founder of Southwest Airlines, embodies the attitude of leadership at the airline. Southwest dares to be different from other airlines because their philosophy revolves around people both internal and external. Communication, culture, and leadership are the cornerstone of their success. This paper explores key leader’s communiqué tactics, the role communication plays in daily operations, how the mission, vision, and culture reinforce the goals, and the importance of efficiently connecting to…show more content…
Former CEO Herb Kelleher was approachable, treated his employees as customers, considered himself part of the crew, and believed in individual expression. Kelleher understood a leaders principal obligation is satisfying their employees. An engaged employee will strive to take care of Southwest’s customers (Box & Byus, 2009). If the customers are happy, their next flight whether for business or pleasure will be with Southwest and shareholder will reap the benefit. Leaders recognize effective communication starts at the top Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Officer Gary Kelly records a podcast and audio message to keep employees of developments at Southwest (Harrison, 2013). Kelly subscribes to the idea strategy, evolution, vision, success, and failure starts at the top and trickles down to all employees. Southwest Leadership concentrates on creating a work environment that emphasizes an opportunity, growth, and learning. This approach of caring, concern, and respect towards the employees demonstrates that the internal customer is as important as the external…show more content…
In victory and defeat, our employees are our valuable asset.
7. At Southwest, we are family and need to nurture our relationships.

Southwest leadership hires employees who believe in their culture and purpose. They attempt to avoid hiring people that are looking just to collect a check. Herb Kelleher in a 2008 speech said, “All airlines have planes and our business is the business of people” (Smith & Milligan, 2015). Southwest ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange is LUV and supports the airlines belief that love of others is one of the most important pieces of company culture. First, they love their employees and, in return; those employees express their appreciation to the customers and company. Problems will arise at firms and airlines are no exceptions, but at Southwest, they strive to avoid passing blame. Employees are encouraged to share problems as they pop up and get involved in creating a solution. This attitude represents a paradigm shift from most businesses and impacts the quality of the communications.
Mission, Vision, and
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