Analysis Of Soldier's Songs During World War I

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Soldier’s Songs remained as a very accurate and sometimes genuine and harsh reality of the war, specifically during World War I. The soldiers who were laying down their lives for their countries tended to be or become very bitter and hostile during this time due to what they were faced with and the fact that they saw every aspect of the war, especially the worse. The stood face to face with the enemy which consisted of innocent men, just like them which created a sense of guilt for killing men. The soldier’s songs represented what they lived through and was a creative interpretation to express their thoughts and feelings. Soldier’s songs were important because of the lyrics in each song, the music or tune of the songs, and the effects of the…show more content…
World War I soldiers faced situations that normal men or women should not ever have to undergo. Some of the soldiers, instead of singing songs, wrote poetry or took up other hobbies to pass the time and express their feelings. Lyrics, or the words that make up a song, are one of the most important aspects of a song and present information and the meaning behind a song. The lyrics of the songs of World War I give researchers and history scholars an insight into the situations the men faced, their job duties, thoughts and feelings toward the war and their job in the war, and ultimately their opinions expressed through song. One song titled, “The Reason Why” explains the bitter feelings of why the men were there fighting. The song states, “We’re here because we’re here, because we’re here because we’re here” (Fussell p.83). The meaning behind the lyrics show that some of the men felt as if their place in the war may have been viewed as unimportant, unappreciated and some may have felt that they were they because they had nothing else going for them back at home. The song presents many views and meant a lot to the soldiers fighting in the battles. Some soldier’s would sing as a memorial also to friends,

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