Analysis Of Social Media

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Social media is becoming an essential part of life as social media sites and applications are growing in use among everyday life. [1] It is a marketing tool that allows companies to reach out to the customers and be able to connect with them and organizations are able to trust social media sites as they put information about their companies onto these media sites. [2] Tools such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites are the main content based which allows the interactive web to interact with the users who participate, they can comment and create content in terms of communicating with mutual users and the public. [3] This has resulted in information being easily shared, searched, promoted, disputed and be created. [4]
Once upon a time the web marketing world was ruled by the search engine optimization. The old search engine optimization tactic centered around only one factor which was Link Building. Today, Link building has perished. [5] Google has found a better way to measure the attractiveness of my website; which is now known as social media. In reality the social media site has transformed, it's the way we think about search engine optimization. A good SMO will gather traffic from both social site referrals and search engines. [5]
In the recent years social media has become increasingly crucial to search engine optimization. Research shows that 73% percent of adults are able to use social networking sites for its full potential. [6] Facebook is a top ranked social platform within a number of users, but some are now expanding onto other social sites, some even use multiple networking sites. A survey from pew research center shows the social networking usage has seen. [6]
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...nt of my website on the web. The world of social platform is the fastest and unstoppable presence, & social platforms will get my website to the correct audience and more as it will allow it to be shared around constantly.
Social links bring real traffic to my website- Social linking has a greater possibility to bring new visitors to my website & to my social followers. Having internal linking in my website would not be enough to gain visitors and to increase my website, social media involves a broad range of different types. Distributing my website on social media websites where people around the world could share and like will increase the traffic to my website and increase the rankings of my website. Search engine like google and Bing desire to have valuable linking rather than huge amount of website linking building can add to penalization of my website.[12]
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