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Throughout the world, intriguing stories manifest within the minds of creative writers. One story that often captives the attention of many scholar’s would have to be “Sir Gawain the Green Knight,” which has been translated by J.R.R. Tolkien. During the epic poem, the reader travels to a time where chivalry is the way society functions morally and socially for the noble class. Although the setting of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” is during medieval times, the primary focus is placed on the qualities of knighthood. In doing so, the protagonist Sir Gawain is put through trials during an adventure to test his bravery, courtesy, and integrity as a knight. First of all, Sir Gawain’s bravery is tested throughout the beginning of the poem in many ways. As the story unfolds, Sir Gawain is celebrating the holidays in King Arthur’s dining hall when a flamboyantly dressed intruder enters and declares a challenge to any brave knight. When the knight dressed in green declares this challenge, many are hesitant except for King Arthur and Sir Gawain. Moreover, Sir Gawain believes it is his duty as a knight to King Arthur to request the acceptance of this challenge. In doing so, Sir Gawain approaches the green knight and…show more content…
Once Sir Gawain gets ready for his journey to the location where the green knight resides, he puts on the garment given to him by Lady Bertilak. After entering the chapel and encountering the green knight, Sir Gawain is informed of his of lapse of character as a knight by the green knight who is actually Lord Bertilak himself. When Sir Gawain becomes aware of his fault in character and declares, “as a token of my trespass I shall turn to it often . . . recalling the failure . . . (pg. 200). By doing so, Sir Gawain is accepting his failure and will to change it, which depicts the integrity of his character as honesty and having strong moral

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