Analysis Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia, demonstrates how a specific character can be used to expand upon the complexity of the story’s main character. Specifically in the case of Irene Adler, Conan Doyle does not go into much detail about her, as much as he uses her as a contrast to Holmes. Adler’s presence in the story is the antagonist, but seems much more than that to Holmes’. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s use of Adler seems to be very unique and creative compared to some of his other works, though after her appearance, Conan Doyle’s works with Sherlock all come to a similar structure, that Sherlock seems to come to adore the villains, more so the villains intellect, and put up with the people that hire him.
Ah yes, "to Sherlock Holmes [Irene Adler] is always the woman" (Bohemia.1.1). Irene Adler takes center story as Sherlock’s main focus, though she is not a direct contact through much of the story. Nonetheless Watson takes time to point out that she remains a significant person in Holmes's personal history. Not much is said about Irene Adler as a person: she's a contralto singer and an average lady about town that happened to have had an affair with the King of Bohemia, In turn The King of Bohemia hires Holmes to try and obtain an incriminating picture of the two. The King of Bohemia doesn't want it to reach his bride to be before he gets married. While in the end the photograph remains safe, because of a promise from Ms. Adler, Holmes does not succeed to get the picture from her. Adler actually manages to outsmart him, and to disappear from the country in much of a way Sherlock would have done. Leading Sherlock to have been deeply imprented upon by Irene Adler in a way that would make hi...

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...o enhance the personality and behaviors of another. By describing Sherlock as a cold, calculative, crime solving machine leading us to outwardly see an icy exterior, but to expand upon that with the use of introducing a dynamic that reflects the internal operations of his mind. Be that he had no real emotional attachment to the people he interacted with, other than Watson it seems, he developed a perceived relationship through his adoration of specific traits through conan doyles use of the subcharacters. Showing that Sherlock not only seemed a complicated cold man, but one who has the ability to admire people for their intellectual capabilities, not their crimes. Conan Doyles use of sub characters to expand upon and make the readers infer their own thoughts about who the character that they are reading about truly is. Not just the descriptions given by the author.
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