Analysis Of Should Everyone Go To College

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“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say,” F. Scott Fitzgerald. My senior English instructor wrote this quote on the board every day before beginning class, he always told us to write with a purpose. During high school I was placed in honors level courses that were writing intensive and much more rigorous than the college prep courses. While in those courses I thought of myself as a pretty good writer that never really had to try, getting nearly all A’s on the papers I wrote. Although I never really sat down and really critiqued my writing to make revisions and peer review was just a time to chat with your friends about your plans for the weekend. Now after completing my first year of college I see myself as an accomplished writer but I still believe that there is room…show more content…
The assignment was to compose a long essay arguing the effectiveness of one essay over another using how the author uses the rhetorical appeals as evidence. Michelle Obama’s “Bowie State University Commencement” speech conveyed a message that people should value education and also enrich the lives of others with knowledge. However, Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill present the essay “Should Everyone Go to College? The essay gives numerous statistics based on arguments of whether college is the right decision for everyone and which majors have negative financial repercussions. Obamas use of the rhetorical appeals were much stronger and persuasive to argue that we should value education rather than Owen and Sawhill stating that college is not the right decision for everyone. When composing this essay I created a chart dividing the two and putting down how each used the rhetorical appeals then I began to write. After receiving my graded document and reviewing my peer reviewed document I fixed comma splices, clarified my topic sentences and also fixed grammatical
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