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In this business report I will be focusing on the corporate social responsibility of both Shoprite checkers and Pic n pay. The articles chosen give a clear incite on the effects that the companies hold in our communities. The report will provide a detailed summary of each summary, a discussion on why the specific topic was chosen. A critical analysis of each article with the link between each article and what I (matric student) will be studying this year and a reflection of the task will give a clear example to future students and how to approach the task and better equip for the project. 1) Detailed summary A) Article 1: Shoprite article Shoprite has many was outreach programs and one of these programs is thesoup kitchen which provides soup and bread every month. There mobile soup kitchens allow the company to reach many poor places in the country and provide them with food. Shoprite mainly focuses on meeting the needs of children elderly people and families who are suffering from job loss. When there have been unexpected circumstances such as fires in a low income area Shopritedeploy their mobile unites and help add relief in these areas. Shoprite uses their resources the best they can to help uplift communities. Some of Shoprite’s partners are Albany, Toyota, Volkswagen, Royco and Mercedes. B) Article 2: Pic n pay CSI Two sisters who are physically disabled have come together in partnership with a pic n pay representative to spread hope amongst disabled people. Butterfly kids is an organisation that employees disabled people to work and create jewellery and key rings. Butterfly kids has made people aware of other peoples situations and the difficult situations they are in. butterfly kids helps people restore their dignity ... ... middle of paper ... ... fortunate market where pick n pay caters to more the middle class market. The products that are sold at the two companies are different as they need to cater for their target market. Textbook – a dualistic economy with a large portion of the population still living in third world circumstances and a culture of crime and violence tend stop produce future generations who are involved in this This is a big problem as its target market may be one of the factors preventing the business from growing as it has to take into account their customers may be stealing their products to help them reach their basic needs. Textbook – JSE has made it compulsory for all listed companies to comply with the king code That means the company has certain laws that both Shoprite and pick n pay has to adhere to. This protects the customers the other people involved in the business
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