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While I was reading “shitty first draft” by, Anne Lamott I read a lot of good ideas on how to write well written papers. In my mind i’ve always thought that it was right to do a first draft because everything that you throw in there is just for your ideas not for everyone to see and that is exactly what anne lamott states in “shitty first drafts”. In my imagination I always figured that authors just sat down and already had in mind what they had to write but that is not true, most writers often just make a shitty draft so that they can organize their books etc. correctly. Lamott also stated that when she would write she would just write for example freewrite when you right without making and corrections, just writing the first thing that pops to your mind and it is possible that when you read it over you’ll get your perfect written work. When i read the title of Anne Lamott’s paper and read “shitty first draft” i was completely confused and now that i’ve read what she has to say and writing and who she is it makes me want to read one of her books, and while i read i 'm probably going to be
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I related so much to her story that while i was reading i turned so red. The story about what happened to her is my life ever since i was in middle school. I always turned tomato red when i had to present or even read in front of my class. The way she typed everything in detail is what made me feel like i was in her position. Like i stated before it seemed that she sat there already knowing what she was going to write, but as i learned from the stories before it all went down with a “shitty first draft”. I would have to say that i completely loved this story it was a short well described paper. I stand up and applaud for this girl. Not only for writing such a good spot of time paper but for being brave and having to live through that through middle
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