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Throughout the whole play of Macbeth, there is a lot of ups and downs, good and bad, mostly bad but especially in act four. So far we can easily point out that Macbeth is crazy, he isn’t a very good king and the worst person besides Lady Macbeth. While Shakespeare was writing this play, he really captured the craziness of Macbeth and the lengths he will go to in order to keep his power as king and let no one stand in the way of it. However, in act four scene 2, this had to be one of Macbeth’s lowest points, one that you’d think he would never do but he goes and does it anyways just to keep his position as king and that no one gets in the way of him and that power. As for Macduff, he shouldn’t have trusted Macbeth in the way that he did, but…show more content…
When Macduff left the country to go find Malcolm and to bring him back so they both can kill Macbeth and nothing will go wrong, Macduff wasn’t really thinking much about Macbeth. Yes, Macbeth did cross his mind but Macduff that he would never do anything to his wife and son, though he was crazy, he didn’t think he was that crazy. Already with Macduff leaving his family, he is already being known as a wimp and that his own wife is questioning his manhood but if he is going to kill Macbeth is going to be known as a traitor as well. “In Macbeth Shakespeare exposes the ambiguities and the perils in a career premised upon "manliness.” (Ramsey, Jarold . “The Perversion of Manliness in Macbeth.”), manliness was a big thing and for Macduff to leave his family was the wrong thing to do but he is going to England to find Malcolm to bring him back to take down Macbeth, that’s a pretty manly thing for Macduff to do. Though Macduff knows that he is going to be known as a traitor for killing the king but he also knows everything that Macbeth has done in order to get to the top of his power and Macduff is only doing it for the sake of Scotland and to have a better king in power. And being Macbeth’s best warrior, he is basically doing exactly what Macbeth did to Duncan but the only thing that is different is that Macduff isn’t going to be king and that is why he is bring Malcolm back with

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