Analysis Of Shadeism

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In the video, Shadeism part 1, main points that were made expressed that darkness was bad and lightness was good. The color of your skin determines how you are looked and interpreted as whether you are beautiful of not. Women from different regions face the same challenges when it comes to shadeism because members of their society see darkness as a negative thing instead of positive. Many women share the same belief that being light or becoming lighter automatically changes your life for the better. Bleaching is common amongst many because the ultimate goal is to be lighter than what you are. The hate of being dark or looking down on darkness starts at home, but it is also highly engrained in our societies. Terms such as colonialism and pigmentocracy…show more content…
According to google, colorism is defined as prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Three sociological concepts I chose that illustrate colorism or shadeism are discrimination, endogamy, and common identity. Both videos show discrimination within. Discrimination is the unequal treatment of the minority group but interestingly, discrimination occurs amongst minorities within minority groups. As we saw in the video, Shadeism, the main protagonist was discriminated by her family for being darker; the same happened to most of the other girls in the video. In the video, A Girl Like Me, black girls are discriminated against if they do not have long and manageable hair, lighter skin, etc. Endogamy appears more in Shadeism part 1, because it was stressed that to get a fairer skin child, people tend to look for lighter suitors within their racial group. Lastly, common identity appears in both videos because people within the same race identify with one another because of their similarities but as well acknowledge the disadvantages they have been they are in the same minority
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