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Meanings of “Sex without Love” by Sharon Olds Poets often times share their opinions through their poems. It is not always easily understood. Poets use metaphors, similes, and play with their words to show how they feel about a certain situation. In “Sex without Love” by Sharon Olds, a lot of this comes into play. Sharon Olds is not incredibly fond of those who have sex without love. This, one can easily figure by the first line in her poem, “How do they do it, the ones who make love/ without love?” Throughout the poem, we can see how she feels, such as in line five where she refers to those in the act as “steak”; she could be trying to make them out to be just a two pieces of meat; using one another for pleasure. She then uses a simile and says, “Wet as the/ children at birth whose mothers are going to/ give them away.” (Olds 6-8) In these lines, she is referring to the babies that can be conceived in the act of sex without love that mean little to these two people, so they are just given up right at birth. With this, the reader can also see that she thinks this act is irresponsible and can result in a mistake. When Sharon says, “How do they come to the/ come to the come to the God come to the/ still waters, and not love/ the one who came there with them”(8-11), one can see she is also…show more content…
In “Sex without Love”, from the beginning the reader can see that Olds is not very fond sex without love, but looking closer into the poem the reader can see that it intrigues her. She even seems to tip her hat to those who can have sex without love. Though she shows fascination in those who have sex without love, she still makes it clear that she just would not be able to do it and does not usually like when others are involved in this act. In a short poem, Olds finds a way to use metaphors, similes, and much more to show how she

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