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ii. Employee Invisible Action (Backstage contact employee actions) Employee invisible actions are separated from onstage service delivery by the line of visibility. Everything above the line of visibility is seen by the customers while everything below it is invisible. 1. Reserve Place Sometimes, some customers will have family gathering or birthday party at Secret Recipe. In directly, the customers will call the Secret Recipe to reserve the place for them. Thus, Secret Recipe will reserve the place according to the number of customers. This can avoid the customers to swift to other restaurant or competitor. This is because, if Secret Recipe does not provide this reserve service, when the customers come and found there have no place for them.…show more content…
This is because the bad condition of lights and air conditioners would affect the satisfaction of customers. For an example, when the air conditioners were malfunction, the atmosphere of Secret Recipe would become hot, customers would dissatisfy with the heat atmosphere while they are enjoying their meal. Besides that, some of the customers would leave the shop directly when noticed that the air conditioners are under maintenance. Therefore, maintenance should be done quickly and effectively when the light and air conditioner are not function well because it will affect the customer’s satisfaction toward Secret…show more content…
The first and normal type of payment method provided by Secret Recipe is that their customers can paying their bills with cash at the counter in the shop. Besides using cash, customers may also use debit or credit card to pay their bills, in case of their purchase is in big amount and does not have too many cash with them. To support the payment system, Secret Recipe have prepared cash register to register and calculate bills for their customers. With cash register, cashier can accept cash paid by customers and give change back to customers. Secret Recipe also provided a debit/credit card reader for customers who want to pay by debit/credit

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