Analysis Of Señor Juan In Dirty Pretty Things

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Señor Juan is the antagonist in the film Dirty Pretty Things. Juan opposes Okwe (the protagonist) in the film from living a humble and just life by giving him an ultimatum of having to operate in the illegal organ trade in exchange for a new identity and money. Señor Juan is portrayed to be a charcter that is facing many ethical dilemmas in his life and has trouble finding a balance between choosing equally desirable and undesirable alternatives and justifying the bad decisions he makes. Señor Juan’s following choices are to be questioned based on the ethical dilemmas this charcter faces. Through the process of Señor Juan’s unraveling dilemmas one learns his troubling life as the local organ broker, drug dealer, and manager of the Baltic Hotel. Señor Juan carries himself as a well put together man with many luxurious such as a private office, money and a Mercedes Benz. However those luxurious over take him and lead him to a troubled path of alcoholism, and working in the illegal drug and organ trade. The following dilemmas unravel Señor…show more content…
When faced with the dilemma that one of his hotel staff (Okwe) has found a human heart in one of his hotel rooms. Señor Juan does not seem worried and hides the hidden secrets of Baltic hotel and his involvement. Yet instead he hands the phone to his employee to report it to the police. However, Señor Juan well knows that Okwe will not report the incident because, Señor Juan beings to intimidate Okwe with questions of his identity. This later reveals the philosophy Señor Juan carries in which he states to Okwe that “ hotel business is about strangers and stranger will always surprise you, they come to the hotels at night to do dirty things and in the morning it’s our job to make things look pretty again”. This belief foreshadows the dirty things that Señor Juan will later face as his illegal business will come to an utter

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