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In the film “Scott Pilgrim Vs the world” created by Edgar Wright, A very Important I dea is having a sense of self and not letting others define you or your actions. The film talks about how to be happy one must overcome their own baggage and issues and not focus so much on others. This essay shall expand on this idea and relate it to our youth today.

The main character Scott Pilgrim is an individual who has been hurt badly by love in the past and is broken and emotionally stunted from that experience. Scott spends most of the film trying to use other people to be happy. At the very beginning of the film, He is dating Knives Chau, a seventeen-year-old, Chinese, Catholic schoolgirl. It is made very evident by the others that he doesn’t truly
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This idea is reinforced with dialogue between the two characters Stephen Stills, Scott’s bandmate and friend, and Julie Powers, Scott’s acquaintance. Stephen says “Scott was just having a mourning period, but he’s dating a high schooler now.” to which Julie replies with “dating a high schooler is a mourning period.”. This conversation suggests that Scott is only using knives to try and fill some empty hole that was left in him after his ex-girlfriend, Envy Adams, Moved away and cheated on him with her bandmate, Todd Ingram, The third evil ex. When Scott meets Ramona Flowers, The girl of his dreams, He becomes deeply infatuated with her. When he discovers that in order to date her he must defeat her seven evil exes, he is hesitant at first but he fights anyway to try to prove to Ramona how much he wants her. when Scott is fighting the final and most powerful ex, Gideon Graves, he is killed and…show more content…
A culture based heavily on relationships and proving yourself to others. Society today has made it clear to us that if we aren’t wanted by someone in a romantic sense then we’re doing something wrong and we need to “fix” ourselves. many women grow up with that idea reinforced to them by their parents, who try to turn them into perfect ladylike polite girls who don’t swear, drink or smoke. They say things like “The boys won’t find it attractive” and other things along that line. however, it does not only happen to women. from a young age boys are taught that girls only like “manly men” and if you don’t like sport or know how to change a tire then the girls will think you’re a “pussy” and they won’t want to be with you. because we have these ideas drilled into our brains from such a young age we grow believing that if we aren’t desired by others then we can’t be happy. everything we wear, do and say is a facade used to draw others to us and make them want us. we spend all this time trying to impress others with our physical selves that we don’t spend enough time on our own emotional, mental and spiritual well being, which leads many people to not be happy and often become

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