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Scott Angelle, Former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana and gubernatorial candidate, gave a powerful speech at the Rally for Economic Survival Event hosted at the Cajun Dome in 2010. His target audience was everyone affected by the oil and gas industry, from the taxi driver to the soccer mom. His message was that he will transform Louisiana back into the energy powerhouse it once was through policies that support the energy industry, which will in turn allow the economy to prosper on both the state and national level. In contrast to the policies instated by the Federal Government, such as the drilling moratorium, which inhibits the growth of the industry. Angelle commenced his vibrant performance with a friendly welcome. He began, “…And a…show more content…
He appealed to ethos by saying that he was on the side of the little guy, Louisiana, thus increasing his credibility with the target audience. He appealed to pathos by his selective word choice, such as “punishing” and “innocent”, which intensifies the emotive response from the audience. Subsequently he stated, “You see Louisiana has a long and strong distinguished history of fueling America and we proudly do what few other states are willing to do. Each and every day in this eighteenth great state of our union in our Louisiana we put on our hard hats and steel toed boots. Kiss our families goodbye and we begin the tough work of exploring producing, processing, storing, refining, and transporting the fuel to energize the great United States of America.” These phrases appealed to both pathos and logos. He appealed to pathos yet again by his choice in emotive words such as “distinguished”, “kiss”, “tough”, and “great”. He appealed to logos by stating that Louisiana is the eighteenth state in the union and that it has a long history in the oil and gas industry. He combines his opinions and facts in such a manner that they created a seamless shroud that gave the two statements the same level of accountability unless meticulously analyzed. For example, he used the fact that Louisiana has a long history in the energy business and the opinion that few other states are willing to within the same…show more content…
He said, “Mr. President you may have aimed high but your policies are misdirected and now you are crippling the middle class of the Gulf Coast in addition to finding a fuel to energize America. Let us take this time to remind the nation’s policy-makers of the significant contributions we make to the federal from 2005 to 2007, this industry paid $242 billion dollars in federal taxes and another $23 billion Dollars in mineral royalties to the federal government in 2008 alone.” This excerpt appealed to pathos, logos, and ethos. His conviction in calling the President out for failed policies, which in turn were crippling the middle class appealed to ethos. He used “crippling” to add emotive emphasis, thus appealing to pathos. He appealed to logos by using specific statistics to support his argument that Louisiana provided an exceptional amount of tax dollars to the Federal government. It is important to note however, that he did not provide statistics on what the impact of the moratorium has had on the economy of

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