Analysis Of Saving The Lost Boys Of Higher Education

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1015 words

Men and woman face obvious educations discrepancies, both author Robert B Smith and Mary Ann Baeinnger established this in their works. It is no secret that women are leading educationally, and men are slowly trailing behind. While view points and focuses may be different, they share commonalties. Both passages acknowledging women fast tract, and the cry for help by many men. Saving the “Lost Boys” of higher education by Robert B. Smith, expresses the need for action to save underachieving males. Smith expresses, boys are indeed of he, without the help they need they will continue to decline in academic success. “Women sailed past men obtaining both bachelors and advanced college degrees.” If men continue going down the path of underperforming it can lead to a shift in how modern society works, the passage uses the example of many men living home with their …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that both robert b smith and mary ann baeinnger established education discrepancies in their works. while view points and focuses may be different, they share commonalties.
  • Analyzes how robert b. smith's saving the "lost boys" of higher education expresses the need for action to save underachieving males.
  • Opines that the underperformance plaguing young men and the lack of external help not fix the issue.
  • Explains that women dominate college campuses, and the current ratio of 60 women to every 40 men can lead to the downfall of honest college admission processes.
  • Analyzes how mary ann baenninger uses the text to express how women excel in school, but fail in the business field.
  • Explains that even though there are a large number of women on the college causes nowadays, that does not take away from the success they emit round the campus. they maintain higher gpa’s both entering and leaving college on average over men.
  • Argues that women post college do not receive the benefit that their hard work in higher education has proved them worthy of. women tend to stray away from leadership positions, and running for offices in politics.
  • Analyzes how the passage shifts from the access women have to concluding with the lack of assistants of men. while baeinnger’s work focuses on the strengths of women, it finds a way to bring light to the help needed for boys
  • Analyzes how smith and baeinnger provided similar information, though they were used to portray different messages. smith makes a relationship between, women’s increasing number of degrees earned to bring light to the shift in gender roles.
  • Compares baeinnger and smith's papers on gender equality in a school environment, stating that women dominate academic environments, while men fall behind.
  • Analyzes how the two passages differ stylistically. smith's passage starts with an excerpt of a children’s movie, peter pan, and baeinnger uses personal pronouns.

This can lead o the downfall of honest college admission processes. As a result of the large amount of female students, and the potential applicants seeking equal amounts of males and females in the campus applicant selecting processes are skewed. In the admission processes, many admissions consolers are picking more male applicants, while ignoring the equally qualified female applicants. This is an effect, to both men and women because of the lack of educationally driven men in higher educational settings Women are more successful in an academic environment, but while there is success, there is a discrepancy, to the extent that woman avoid leadership. Access doesn’t equal success, these words the hold true for many woman, and Mary Ann Baenninger does a great work in proving this in her work. While differing from, Saving the “Lost Boys” of higher education, Baenninger, uses the text to express how women excel in school, but fail to excel in the business

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