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Politicians are almost always an easy target when it comes to skits and jokes. Saturday Night Live has been imitating these public figures for forever, and they have remained popular throughout the years. Not only is the fact that these actors and actresses can sound and imitate the politician perfectly, but the fact that they can make the politicians points and arguments sound so ridiculous. In the Epic Rap Battle between Mitt Romney and Barak Obama, their characteristics are exaggerated upon, and their main points of their campaigns are torn to shreds. With the rhetoric situation being the 2012 presidential campaign, the argument in the clip is that both candidates have lots of promises for the country, but neither of them are fit for the…show more content…
Incongruity humor is typically when a joke can shock the audience, when they aren’t expecting or ready for a joke. In this clip, there are two main uses of incongruity humor that stick out to me. The first main one is when Mitt Romney rap, “…that 40% thing got you real mad, why did it remind you of how many decent parents you have?” This would be a perfect example of incongruity humor because it is a huge blow personally to Obama, knowing that he was raised by his mother and his father wasn’t a great dad to him. Even thought the two candidates are throwing jokes back and forth at one another, the fact that Romney took the joke so far is shocking to the audience, but still can be found as humorous. The second main incongruity humor used in this clip is when Abraham Lincoln comes flying in on a bald eagle. This is comical to the audience because it is completely crazy and unexpected. It is also an exaggeration to get the point across that Abraham Lincoln is super patriotic and the two candidates should be more like him, I mean, what is more patriotic than entering a scene on a bald eagle? This use of humor was very beneficial to the clip because it kept the audience’s attention towards the end by adding this huge and out-of-the-blue surprise,

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