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“Saturday Night Glee-ver” is the 16th episode in the 3rd season of Glee, a show which focuses on the dynamics of relationships and the process of self-discovery in a group of high school students centered on their participation in the Glee Club. This episode provides a novel representation of alternative sexualities: as Saavedra suggested in Nothing Queer about Queer Television, gay people do not suffer from invisibility in this text (2009). There are, however, some challenging aspects of the representation of gay characters in this episode. Regardless of this observation, this text deserves recognition for the overwhelmingly positive representation of its transgendered character. Glee’s treatment of homosexuality is complex in this…show more content…
Wade looks up to the two of them as his heroes, and asks them for their advice on a personal problem he is having: Wade identifies himself as a girl, and has an alternate persona named Unique. Wade wants to come out as Unique at an upcoming glee club performance. Kurt and Mercedes, the characters he is speaking with, express their reservations about his doing so. Despite their alternating suggestions, Wade chooses to reveal Unique at the performance and knocks it out of the park. This episode uses many means to construct the positive interpretation of this narrative for its audience. Firstly, Wade is immediately presented as a likeable person. He is very complimentary to the two characters the audience already likes, and they respond very well to him with smiles and positive words. When they are introduced to Unique, they are both animatedly impressed by her, and explicitly state such. The episode introduces only one villain, and only briefly: Wade’s glee club coach is unpleasant and unlikeable, and only serves as a representation of opposition to Unique’s revelation. Unique is shown as an extraordinarily talented singer and dancer, and the audience at her show erupts with applause during

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