Analysis Of Robinson Crusoe

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The book tells of a young man, Crusoe, who defies his parent’s wishes of him taking a career in law and instead embarks on a sea voyage in August of 1651.Despite his first journey being a wreck, he sets on yet another voyage that also ends in tragedy. He is captured by Sale Pirates and enslaved by a Moor. Luckily for him, after two years of slavery, he is rescued off the west coast of Africa by boy named Xury on a Portuguese ship that was heading to Brazil. He however betrays Xury and sells him out to the captain. In return, Crusoe is given a plantation as a reward.
On yet another expedition from Africa years later, Crusoe is caught in storm while out in the sea on an island near Orinoco River on the 30th Of September 1659.He is
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He rebels against his parent’s wish of him becoming a lawyer and opts for a life at sea. This decision however haunts him for most part of the book, showing how he had some bit of religious views or morals in him concerning obedience to parents. The author has also portrayed him to be persevering when he3 embarks on sea voyage after another despite all ending in tragedy or slavery. He also endured life without human contact for over two decades. He however is shown to be cold and insensitive for leaving his family for all those years. His cold behavior also comes out when he informs of his marriage and wife’s demise with much indifference towards the…show more content…
In Chapter twelve, the author tells us of a retreat centre that Crusoe builds in a valley he discovers while touring the island. Contrary to the first shelter he had built when he arrived at the island, this retreat centre was meant for relaxation. The author tries to show how much Crusoe’s attitude has changed towards the island since he arrived. In a place that was viewed to be of sadness and despair, there can now be leisure and enjoyment.

Robinson Crusoe is a story told with modesty, seriousness and religious application of events” (Defoe 7).The writer used the main character of the novel, Crusoe as the narrator. This has enabled the reader to really feel and relate with the situation since no emotion is lost in translation. The reader is also able to get the first hand view of the characters endeavors and struggles through the novel.
It however seems like the author really immortalized the character through the many ship wrecks and ordeals he survived, almost to a fictional level. He survives ship wreckages, slavery, cannibals and even fight with wolves. Not being in contact with human and society for over twenty eight years however is a far stretch for the author. He however goes to show that a man’s greatest prison is himself. Crusoe gets over the loneliness and solitude of living by himself and gets comfortable with the situation