Analysis Of Robert Frost 's Poem ' Three Words I Can Sum Up Everything I Know About Life

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Introduction “In three words I can sum up everything I know about life: it goes on” (Robert Frost). Robert Frost is easily one of america’s greatest poets. With their simplicity, fluidity, and their creativity his poets becomes something that anyone can pick up and understand. It is through his poems that his life’s philosophies are expressed. He simply does believe that life goes on. Death is something that must come and it is our job to respect it and accept it and move on. His poems usually share a common theme, it is our job to accept death and not try to question it, because it is through the questioning of death that our lives become complicated and unnecessary. Context Robert Frost (March 1874- January 1963), was born in one of the most tumultuous times in the world. During his lifetime treaties were being signed, the inner mind being studied, the death of leaders were occurring, and a rebellion amongst the youth was taking place. The 20th century for America and other countries was constantly changing, between the symbolist, surrealist, modernist, and cubist art movements, and the end to World War 1 and the beginnings of WWII, most americans and poets had a very negative view on America;however, Robert frost never did. Robert Frost’s life was filled with opportunities to be negative and upset and angry at the world. He grew up in an abusive home with an abusive and alcoholic father, his family constantly moved homes, his sister suffered from a mental illness,and Robert Frost himself had severe anxiety. This rough and unstable childhood caused him to seek stability and he found this stability by reading and listening to fantasy stories(Fagan). “Frost 's childhood was not idylle, but Frost’s love of Mother Goose, of his... ... middle of paper ... of the death parallels the other poems because it shows the simplicity and acceptance that one must have in regards to death. All three of these poems share a contextual theme,and that is a death of an innocent in Robert Frost’s life. The death of a local boy, the death of his daughter, and the death of his friend preceded the creation of the poems “To Out, Out”, “Acquainted with the Night”, and “To E.T” which can explain the common theme that death is something that must be accepted and spoken with simplicity otherwise life will be filled with confusion. Conclusion It has been noted by critics that Robert Frost “shies away from fully staging the work of mourning” and that it is more like Frost to skip past the mourning and allow for a simpler look on death emphasizing his ideals that death is something to accept and move past than linger on (Hoffman 213-220).

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