Analysis Of Rob Larson's Bleakonomics

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The current American economy is a multifaceted and dynamic machine that delegates who succeeds and who does not; its decline intensifying the effects it has on the people that are subject to it. Rob Larson has given insight as to what issues face this economy and appeals to the way we think, making use of ethos, pathos, and logos. The appeal of ethos is soundly used by Larson in explaining that many American’s employ themselves into multiple jobs as result of less and less full-time working existing. The author goes further and appeals to logos, using statistics to further his ideas on senior citizen re-entering the workforce as result of mediocre retirement benefits. Larson makes another appeal, this time, using pathos to describe the hidden side effects that increased workloads can have on women, namely mothers, that come about with a failing economy. Rob Larson in his book, Bleakonomics, uses appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos while remaining logically sound and just while doing so, as proven by the sources he uses as well as other outside sources. Rob Larson applies to ethos in attempt to convince the audience of the eroding effects of having multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. Rob Larson…show more content…
Quoting Rob Larson, “After school shootings, pundits can be counted on to loudly demand ‘Where were the parents?’ of the massacre’s perpetrators. These days, they’re probably pulling a shift somewhere” (Larson 137). Parents will take up additional shifts to cover for the expense of living. From this need for more money, the children of these families will be cared less about as a result of the parents being away at a job. This leaves a child with less time to communicate and establish relationships with their guardians, with neglect potentially rising as a byproduct of this decrease in

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