Analysis Of Resting Bitch Face

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The Resting Bitch Face is often used by both women and men to describe a female (and sometimes the occasional male) who unintentionally looks grumpy, angry, tired or bitchy. While the term Resting Bitch Face can be through social media as humorous, it does not address more serious problems that women face every day. It is important to bring light to the negative shaming the term places upon those who are subject to having a supposed Resting Bitch Face, as it perpetuates unwarranted judgement from others and it continues to allow society to suggest that women’s behavior exists within a narrow spectrum. Since childhood, females have been ingrained with sexist messages on how to behave and accepting the term Resting Bitch Face allows society to further suggest what female behavior should look like. Society has told women, both explicitly and implicitly that females should smile, be pleasant and be appeasing. However, when a female decides not to participate in this behavior, it is seen as deviating from society’s expected “normal behavior” and may be considered unfeminine and even bitchy. The problem here is that,…show more content…
One of the things that women who are part of this group have to deal with, are strangers coming up to them to tell them to smile or cheer up. This can be quite offensive as no one wants to be told to smile when there is no particular reason to smile at that moment. Besides, who goes around smiling at strangers all the time? Instances where strangers judge a woman’s face and decide to perceive as unpleasant, seems more like an attitude they have about themselves. Its as if to say, women are expected to reassure and appease others by smiling, and if they don’t they are labeled as an
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