Analysis Of Remembrance By Maya Angelou

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Literary Analysis: Maya Angelou “Remembrance” Poetry is one of the most expressive forms of art that allow one to express his or her emotions through not only words, but by visual art or tones. Poets around the world have went to school to learn all about tone, diction and visual display. However the best of the best tend to not only grasp the attention of the reader but leave an everlasting impression on the face of a adolescent or adult. Therefore in the poem “Remembrance” by Maya Angelou the poem uses diction, tone and imagery to voice and create the poem we now consider on of the best of all time. “I rise. I rise. I rise.” The closing words of Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” reverberate profoundly after the poignant content of the poem…show more content…
” It’s plain to see that her state of mind is a standout among-st imperviousness. The old method for speculation will be discarded and another social standard that her adversaries who have no decision must accept . There will be An movement that will thrust forward never looking back in its tracks. It will not stand down until Each individual is “judged not by the color of his/her skin but by the substance for which forms their character. ” Maya speaks volumes to her era about how every last bit of african Americans are on the track should climb over the abuse and mistreatment and become united as equal individuals. In the flexibility of this lyric the phrase “I Rise” is repeated seven times. This indicates the forward thinking of equal rights and opportunities, and furthermore forward movement of the equivalent privileges development. Eventually reaching the end of the poem, it may be obvious that it may be a duration of time until maya Furthermore her counter partners get the respect and honor they deserve. In conclusion the poem Still I rise by Maya Angelou empowers young black woman and men not only to accept all problems life throws at them being colored, however embrace them and find a solution. Still I rise, Still I rise, is a saying with a few settle words, but a lot of power within. Therefore Even now "Still I Rise" is An lyric around second chances, redemption, furthermore integrity it emphasizes how people will control others, push them around Furthermore discuss them in unorthodox ways, however that individual will get up back up, stroll with their mind held high and keep
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