Analysis Of Refer To P. O Brazelton's Crash Report

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Refer to P.O Brazelton 's crash report for details.


When I arrived on scene, I observed P.O Brazelton #5195 speaking with the driver of a single vehicle crash that struck a tree. P.O Brazelton approached me advising that the driver, Jaime Power was exhibiting signs of impairment such as slurred speech, fumbling hands, and a staggering gait. After speaking with the initial officer, I turned my attention to Jaime. I asked Jaime what had happened today and how did she strike a tree, which she replied, "I was driving and someone cut me off and I turned into the tree instead of hitting the car." As she was speaking to me about the incident, she continued to ramble about why she decided
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I had Jaime stand in the starting position, right foot in front of the left touching heel to toe with her arms down by her side as I explained and demonstrated the test. As I was explaining the test, Jaime fell from the starting position two (2) times. Jaime also started the test early prior to me telling her to begin. After my demonstration, Jaime advised she understood my instructions and was ready to begin. I then gave her the verbal command to begin. Jaime began and failed to touch heel to toe on steps 1, 3, 4. Jaime on step five (5) stopped and started to cry and stated " I can 't do this, I 'm nervous." She was told to complete the test where she left off. Jaime stepped off again and at the turn around, completed an improper right turn. She then failed to touch heel to toe on steps one (1) through four (4) and then stopped the test advising she was done. The next test I administered was the One Leg…show more content…
The accused was removed from the rear of the patrol car and checked again for any contraband with negative results. The accused was then escorted to the booking area where she was photographed and processed. I started my twenty-minute observation and stayed with Jaime until the time elapsed. During the observation period, I ensured that the defendant did not ingest, regurgitate, or place anything in her mouth that would compromise the reliability of the breath test results. During the wait, I read Jaime her Miranda Rights again which she signed waiving her rights. The accused was read the N.J. Attorney General 's Standard Statement for Motor Vehicle Operators form which she agreed to provide samples of her breath for the purpose of chemical testing. I then removed all my electronics to include my portable radio, secured Jaime and transported her over to the Alcotest room. Jaime provided two (2) samples of her breath as instructed, ensuring each time the mouthpiece was changed, and the Alcotest directions were read out loud. Jaime 's reported breath test result was a 0.00% BAC. I made contact with county Dispatch to reach out to a DRE; however, one was not available in the county. Jaime made contact with her husband who agreed to take custody of her. Thomas Power reported to HQ where he was advised of the Potential Liability form. Thomas

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