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In Kerry Cavanaugh’s article, “Raise the Minimum Wage, but Don’t Forget About the Cost of Housing” explains why housing is so expensive and why many people cannot afford a house due to the low minimum wage. Cavanaugh, states a few reasons why the minimum wage should go up for and what would happen if the minimum wage is being raised. According to Mark Boster, the researcher author stated, “Raising wages without building more housing increases demand without adjusting supply and could push up rents”. Boster’s way of transitioning that nothing is balanced if the minimum wage is being raised and don’t build more houses for people to live in then the rent will go up as
The minimum wage should be raise because housing prices are high then why not let the minimum wage go up too so people wouldn’t have problem with money, the workers who earns

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$9.00 a per hour barely have the money because they have to pay housing and to be in need of saving some money for their personal needs as well.
According to the Los Angeles housing is so expensive; I completely agree with that, the minimum wage should be raised because it would be beneficial for people to afford the housing. How could people afford the expensive houses if they earn the low minimum wage? Our minimum wage is nine dollars per hour
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In this article, Christopher Thornberg, an economist, said that “Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti’s proposal to rise from $9.00 to $13.25, and his goal to build more 100,000 new affordable housings by 2021” but Thornberg stated that his proposal doesn’t make sense. For me, if the Mayor does that it would change people’s living in Los Angeles and help out people who are earning the higher minimum wage because they are able to afford everything for example, the rent, personal needs, bills, and support their families so they don’t have to worry about money but if the minimum wage goes up which means everything else would go up

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