Analysis Of Raden Galuh Gemerenchang's Death

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Firstly, Raden Galuh Gemerenchang’s death started a war between two kingdoms: Pasai and Majapahit. Sang Nata, King of Majapahit and Raden Galuh’s father, attacked Pasai once he heard that Raden Galuh is dead. The King of Majapahit must have knows that something was wrong, as nobody would commit suicide for no reason. He, as a father, would have known how his daughter really is, and he must have come to a conclusion that something horrible must have happened. Otherwise, why would Raden Galuh Gemeranchang commit suicide? According to (Hill, 1960), Sang Nata came with an army to avenge his daughter’s death. Therefore, her death incited a war between two kingdoms.

Secondly, Raden Galuh’s death is significant as it symbolizes
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It was one of the greatest kingdom existed at that time. However towards the end, a series of unfortunate events occurred and it shows Pasai’s unfortunate moral decline. For example, Tun Abdul Jalil’s death. As for Raden Galuh Gemerenchang can be argued that her death was a form of protest. A person does not simply commit suicide for such a trivial matter, especially a princess from a great kingdom as Majapahit. Her suicide can be interpreted as a form of protest. Women in Malay literature are usually passive and silent, unable to breach a certain social conduct in a patriarchal society. They have a tendency to keep silent and simply agree to the course of event or even their fate. According to (Rahimah & Shaiful Bahri, 2014), female characters in Malay literature are passive because of increasing frustration. It is difficult to get a clear…show more content…
Raden Galuh’s death seemed to be the tipping point for Pasai. The kingdom was already heading down a dark road even before Raden Galuh’s death. Killing Tun Abdul Jalil was a poor decision on Sultan Ahmad’s part, as he knows about Raden Galuh’s affection towards the young prince. The decision to kill his son shows that he is a cruel and unjust king. According to (Denisova, 2012), proof of a sultan’s ability to lead is evident if the kingdom prospered, however, if a king is unjust the kingdom will be depicted in a negative light for example, the kingdom would be economically weak or underdeveloped. In the Hikayat Raja Pasai, we cannot clearly conclude the state of Pasai’s economy, but if we look at Sultan Ahmad’s actions and the fact that Pasai was defeated, it is further proof of his inability to lead. According to (Media ISNET Org, 1999) Majapahit didn’t win because they had stronger military power than Pasai, they won because Pasai’s military forces were poorly led. Tun Beraim Bapa and Tun Abdul Jalil was the kingdom’s last hope, so to say, but they were murdered. Sultan Ahmad Perumudal Perumal failed to lead Pasai to victory and he admitted if Tun Beraim Bapa was still alive when Majapahit attacked, they would have won. This indirectly shows that Sultan Ahmad admits his wrongdoing and failure as a King as he himself cannot assure

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