Analysis Of Puppets In Petrouchka

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Puppets are inanimate objects that are manipulated to tell a story. In the ballet, Petrouchka, there are three puppets Petrouchka, the Moor and a ballerina controlled by a magician. The magician shares a story of unrequited love between Petrouchka, the Moor and a ballerina. The managed movements of the puppets suggest it to be a mere puppet performance, but there is a plot-twist exposing that the puppets have their own emotions, which reflect their soul. The puppets are under the control of the magician and are forced to live out the magician’s will. The magician is a god, the puppets are human and they are unable to escape fate.
Joyous shouts, quick and lengthy movements, the dazzling colorful fabrics, men, and women of all shapes and sizes, and the cheers and dancing to music that is fitting of the carnival occasion. It is a bright setting that warmly welcomes all peering eyes. It is a bountiful experience of peace and freedom that appeals as a small community apart from the world. In the
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The fates of the three puppets are set from the beginning, and tragedy strikes at the end for Petrouchka. The fact that the puppets are actually humans’ souls residing in puppetry form is uncovered to the crowd at the carnival. The Moor kills Petrouchka out in the public eye and the ballerina is seen cowering at the corner out of distress, and then the two couples sneak away while the crowd gathers around Petrouchka murmuring their astonishment on what they had seen the puppets do without their master. Petrouchka’s death looked so real that the crowd was sad, confused, and angry. But the magician sneaks in saying that it is all a trick and Petrouchka is merely a puppet. The people calm down and see that he was not a real man. But after the crowd leaves, Petrouchka’s ghost appears, confirming that he was human, and his soul is in agony and anger towards

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