Analysis Of Procession-You Are On Your Way

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When I first went to view the works of art in the Nohr Gallery, I was somewhat disappointed. While the works of art were all very well done, I did not find a piece which “spoke to me” in a way. I had hoped for this, since I am always looking for new art to enjoy. When I went to take pictures of some of the pieces, I found that the battery of my camera ran out of energy. I left, and waited for another day to take pictures. While thinking about which piece to analyze, “Procession-You are on Your Way!” slowly grew on me, and when I returned I found that I gained an appreciation for this piece. “Procession-You are on Your Way!” is a lithograph of the original piece by artist Jiha Moon, a Korean artist from Atlanta, Georgia. The original piece…show more content…
I assume the two women surrounding Snow White are Asian due to the long, thin appearance of their eyes. This combination of western and eastern art creates a mostly uniform piece, however the emphasis of Snow White in the center of the piece overshadows many other elements. The artist conveys the importance of Snow White by drawing a halo around here head. This symbol of holiness around the western figure make me feel that the artist believes that this western influence is more important than the other parts of this print. The name of the piece and the messages on the fortune cookie fortunes work with this theme. The three women seem to be moving towards the left of the print, so the procession part is valid. However, a procession generally denotes that someone is following a leader. In this piece, Snow White is the leader, and the two Asian women follow her. The “you are on your way” fortune makes me feel that the artist felt that the far eastern culture was heading towards the popularity and idolization that western culture holds around the world. This is what I feel the piece

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