Analysis Of Primo Levi 'If I Was A Man'

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Existentialism is a philosophical perspective that explains the idea behind human existence. This approach is based on the ideology that humans have the authorship over their destiny which is a reflection of one’s own experiences. Many writers and scholars have proposed a theory that each person has a life story filled with different experiences and personal growth. The connection between each individual is the fact that the knowledge of existence is always a part of the subconsciousness that can never be left alone despite the situation(s) a person may be facing in his or her own life. Though analytical examination of certain aspects of existence (such as life experiences, self examination, and acceptance of character), human existence can…show more content…
As a member of the concentration camps, Primo suffered from acting like desperate animals while not allowing himself to have the freedom to do what he desires as a person. Throughout the journey at camp, death has been always at the corner and those unlucky ones always ended up at the worst places anyone can imagine. During his days at the camp and being treated like animals, Primo couldn’t practice what it means to live life and understand what true existence really is like. Although his body was always working and his inner soul disappeared, the sub-consciousness side of his mind acts like a motivator to constantly remind him that he is a human being and nothing else. As a survivor, he got the chance to live life again and to re-discovered who he actually was as a person. The hardest challenge coming from such a devastating black and white experience was examining who one was before the event ever happened. The story itself captured the theme that no matter what kind of situations a person is facing, their sub-consciousness always reminds them to keep going and be a human despite how busy an individual body work. It is all about the motivation to gain experiences and learn how to examine oneself to know what true existence really

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