Analysis Of Power And Time By Mary Oliver

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In Mary Oliver’s “Of Power and Time,” she shows us a more efficient way of becoming a creative and extraordinary worker. In her work, she shares many examples and ideas to help display her message that creative work should be done by dedicating large amounts of time, and giving it all your effort to make it truly extraordinary. Oliver demonstrates the main idea of that creative work requires more attention as it does not make the world go around, but forwards. Oliver uses curious word choice, asserting ideas, illustration of examples, and strong points, to give her audience of creative workers seeking for improvement a better understanding of how creative and extraordinary work can be done. Oliver’s use of curious word choices help her express her point of a better style of creative work in a more interesting manner. Oliver uses her curious word choice as she describes the three selves saying, “I am, myself, three selves at least,” which gives readers a confusing, but thought-provoking message (2). She also uses curious word choice when she describes that if she has a meeting, one must rejoice if she is late, and even more if she does not show, leading readers to ponder on her words (7). By using such a strategy of curious word choice Oliver does, it can give readers both a positive and negative perspective on the writing. Negative in the fact that in may be difficult to read, and positive in that of which it gives readers a more curious thought process that may cause them to think more in depth about the idea Oliver displays. Also it may reflect positivity by forcing readers to keep reading to find clarity in some of the more confusing parts of her writing. With her curious word choice, Oliver puts her audience in the middle of... ... middle of paper ... ...…but forward.” (4). With this statement, Oliver leads her readers into really thinking about the world and the fact that there are two kinds of the work, but also that they work simultaneously to have the world both “go around” and forward (4). To conclude her paper, Oliver beautifully adds a point saying, “ The most regretful people on the earth are those who felt the call to creative work… and gave to it neither power nor time,” which leaves her readers to truly rethink the way they should go at their creative work (7). Oliver uses strong points exquisitely throughout her paper, and in such a way that forces her readers to think more than they would do for other papers. With such strong points, Oliver displays her creative work message in such a way that causes her audience of hopeful and creative workers to take her words to heart if they want to be extraordinary.

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