Analysis Of Postpartum Onset

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Pregnancy and motherhood are associated with periods of tremendous stress and hormonal changes that develop in order to facilitate childbirth, lactation, maternal care, recognition of offspring, and care of offspring to ensure the survival of the young. (Neumann, 2003). However, a confluence to the above is that the physical energy required during the reproductive cycles can leave the mother bereft of the cognitive and emotional ability to care for the offspring, which may manifest in a compromised ability to adapt and conserve energy for the offspring’s survival. Additionally, maternal behaviors during pregnancy and post-parturition may have lasting consequences on the emotional, mental and social development and behavior of offspring well into adulthood. This paper will present literature on DSM-IV-TR definition and criteria of Postpartum Onset, the prevalence, development, etiologies, effects and treatments of the disorder. The prevalence of postpartum onset suggests the need for comprehensive treatment plans that address the social, biological and psychological complexities of the disorder. Specifiers of Postpartum Onset, Etiologies, and Treatment Methodologies Postpartum onset is defined as a major depressive episode that must occur within four weeks of childbirth and affect women psychologically, emotionally and physiologically. According to the DSM-IV postpartum depression (PPD) is not a separate entity from the major depressions, but the specifier with postpartum onset can be applied to other major depressive disorders, and is therefore codified as being part of the spectrum of major depression. Thus, patients with a diagnosis of postpartum depression must meet the criteria for both major depressive episode ... ... middle of paper ... ...ers. Perinatal women who have significant risk factors should be monitored closely .If a woman meets DSM-IV criteria for PPD, attempts at treatment should begin with psychotherapy and advance to pharmacotherapy if required. The beauty and shine of bringing another life into world is the epitome of a women’s life. However many people are susceptible to societal pressures such as the joys and happiness of motherhood, childbirth and pregnancy whilst it could not be more far from reality. Thus, many women are ill equipped to handle the barrage of sleep deprivation, hormonal fluctuations and radical adjustments and suffer in silence lacking the courage to seek aid. Providing solid information and aid will enable families to be aware of the numerous nuances of the aforementioned conditions, diagnosis, qualified physicians, and proper screenings in the perinatal period.
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