Analysis Of Positive Work Behaviour In An Organisation

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Nowadays, many companies facing problems in attitude and behaviour of worker cause companies lose their profit. Behaviour of worker is important to maintain a positive environment in workplace. A positive workplace reduces the stress of worker and motivate worker to try hard in their own job. Positive working behaviour help worker to increase job performance; increasing in job performance also help an organization to increase their profit and also indirectly increase benefits of worker. In this essay, we will discuss about analysis of positive work behaviour in an organization. There have six main work behaviours which are big five model personality, self-esteem, time management, emotional intelligent, job satisfaction and creativity.
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Based on research, three main personalities, which are conscientiousness, extroversion and agreeableness, are mostly related to job. Conscientiousness, an adjective use to describe persons who are hardworking, reliable, and organized. (Robins & Judge, 2012) Normally conscientiousness person will deserve a higher position such as manager or leader in an organization. Because they are more responsible and have higher standard compare to others. This type of persons normally put attention to detail and consider things from different perspective. Therefore they are good decision maker. Conscientiousness persons are organized. They have strong analytic skill and come out with own system. People consider them as less creativity persons. Next is extroversion. Extroversion used to describe the persons who are sociable and assertive. (Robins & Judge, 2012) Extroversion persons normally will join in marketing department. They required learning different language in order to communicate with different person included foreign customers. They have strong understanding skill and observing skill compared to introversion people. They are good in…show more content…
Many companies choose workers based on their self-management skill. However time management is the most obvious way to show ability of a person in self-management skill. Time management skill can be defined as used of self-management skill to complete task in limited time given. Why time management skill is so important? Because time is limited, yet people waste time every day. Practice of time management skill started with knowing where the time being spent during working hours. Normally a worker will be given multitask in a day. Take 5 minutes to schedule time and come out with own “to-do list” before start to work. (Nonis, Fenner & Sager, 2011) The list will give us a very clear version about what should be done in a day. Task, deadline, priority, and difficulty should be recorded together in the list. Useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all. List down the task according to deadline and priority not only increase job efficiency, it also helps to eliminate ine wasting behaviour. According priority of task, we can also very clear about what should be done first. Besides that, dealing to difficulty of the task also consider as one of the important factor to manage time. Difficult task take longer time to complete, however easier task take shorter time to complete. The main reason to practice time management skill is to increase job efficiency. (Grissom, Loed & Mitani, n.d.) Increasing in
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